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Dietetic Department (Building 4)

The Nutrition and Dietetic Department at Asklepieio Voulas is a small team of enthusiastic dieticians that 

provides effective dietary advice and support to patients.


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What we do

Our aim is to ensure that all patients in the hospital receive a nutritionally adequate diet and we liaise with 

other health professionals to enable optimal nutritional care. If a special diet is required as part of your 

treatment, we will ensure that you individual dietary needs are provided for.

We, also, try to help people to make informed and practical choices about food and lifestyle to maintain 

health and combat disease.  We undertake the practical application of nutrition with individuals, population 

groups and the general public to promote wellbeing and prevent nutrition related problems.


Scientific Work

Publication: Contribution of CYP1A2 in the hepatic metabolism of melatonin


Inpatients are seen on the ward having been referred by the doctor in charge of the ward.  If you think 

you would benefit from seeing a dietician, please speak with your GP about a referral. 

There is available Outpatient Counselling Dietetic Service with appointment.


·         Weight management using cognitive behavioural approach.

·         Diabetes nutritional education

·         Dietary therapy for High Blood Pressure

·         Dietary therapy for Hyperlipidemia



Ageliki Mariakaki, Head of Dietetic Department 
Kiki Tsertou, Dietitian 
Dr Eleni PapagiannidouDietitian
Nikos KafetzopoulosDietitian

About your appointment

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