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Public Health Supervisor

 The AIM of this department is to implement the actions in oder to protect and promote Public Helath at the Hospital.

ACTIVITIES of the department are:

- Sampling food and drink for microbiological and chemical control.

- The hygenic control of water supply and sanitation.

- The management of medical waste and implementaion of internal code managementof dangerous medical waste.

- The management of wasre recycling programmes (paper,aluminum, plastic,batteries, etc.)

- The hygenic control of all Hospital.

- The health education of personnel, aiming laso at their behavioural change.

- Participates in the Committe of control of hospital infections as well as the health and safety of employees.

- Making sure that all food handling personnel has done the appropiate axaminations.

- The implementation of of health and safety rules for employees.

- The co-ordination and supervising of pest control and disinfection.

- Partcipation in committees of the Hospital on issues of Public Health.

- Addresses and deals hugenic problems at the hoppital

- Co-operation with central health services.

- Participation at the organization and execution of programmes dealing with emergency public health problems.

- The detection and identification of hydenic Hospital problems and suggestion how to solve them.

The department's public health supervisor is Ms Angela Dimitrouli.

Building 4th, 2nd floor


IT Asklepieio Voulas
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