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Office of Citizen Support

At our Hospital there is a Citizen Support Office(CSO), directly subordinated to the Deputy Commander.

Access to the C.S.O.
The office is housed in a separate area, at the entrance of the Hospital (lower gate) and operates on working days during the regular morning hours, ie from Monday to Friday (07.00-15.00). In addition to the physical or written communication through a special form, the citizen can contact the Citizen Support Office on a 24-hour basis, via e-mail


Purpose and Objectives 
The mission of the Citizen Support Office (GYP) is to mediate between citizens and health services, in order to facilitate communication, continuous improvement of the quality of services provided, protection of civil rights and the search for tentative solutions to address of the individualized problems of the Citizens, with the ultimate goal of the proper operation of the Hospital. Patients (inpatients and outpatients), relatives and attendants of patients, visitors and all interested citizens can contact our Office for their immediate information on issues of the Hospital, to submit proposals or complaints regarding the provision of health services and in particular to be protected in the exercise of their right to a basic human health good..

Legal framework 
The framework of the Office is governed by a set of provisions, which regulate issues related to the protection of Citizens 'Rights and in particular those related to the safeguarding and Protection of Patients' Rights Modernization and Organization of Health System Development and modernization of mental health services and other provisions Development and modernization of the National Health System, organization of health services, regulations for the drug and other provisions Ratification of the Council of Europe Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Human Dignity in Relation to the Applications of Biology and Medicine: Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine Code of Medical Ethics Code of Nursing Ethics

Responsibilities of C.S.O. 
Based on the Ministerial decision, the following responsibilities belong to the Office: 1. The monitoring and control of the defense of the rights of incoming citizens. Coordination for the handling by the relevant Services and Departments on a case-by-case basis of any issue related to the protection of patients' rights. 2. The planning, organization and monitoring of the reception and guidance of incoming citizens. 3. The immediate and correct information and information on issues related to their service by the services of the Hospital. 4. The diligence for the production of material (printed and electronic) which contains the necessary information about the departments and the services provided. The care for the provision of the information to the citizens served by the Hospital. 5. The collection and processing of complaints and grievances related to the provision of health services and their referral for examination to the competent bodies. 6. The collection, classification and evaluation of data concerning the activity of the Office. Creating and updating an electronic file / registry. Statistical recording and processing of data and events. 7. The preparation of a report of activities done on an annual basis and the submission of data of its operation to the Tripartite Committee and the Independent Patient Rights Service of YYKA. 8. The submission of proposals for the improvement of the operation of the Hospital.
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