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The Committee for Hospital Infections (CHI) of the Asklipieion Voulas General Hospital develops, 
monitors, evaluates and proposes measures for the prevention and control of hospital infections 
and oversees their implementation. Specifically CHI, whose establishment and charge is defined 
by the FEK 388, February 18, 2014, is composed of 14 regular members together with their 
assigned substitutes.


A three member Work and Intervention Group (WIG) is constituted from the membership of CHI, and its composition is:

1. the committee president, Dr. M. Oikonomou

2. the committee vice-president, Dr. X. Samaras

3. the infection control nurses, Mss A. Diplou, E. Gigi


CHI meets at regularly scheduled intervals (every 3 months) or in the event of an emergency in an area of 
its jurisdiction.


The members of the WIG collaborate on a daily basis on the following main areas:

 1. Recording of infections due to multiresistant gram negative bacteria and establishing measures for limiting their 

    spread (Procrustes Project).

2. Control of incidents or epidemic outbreaks of hospital infections.

3. Monitoring - recording of resistant microbial strains isolated from positive cultures in the Microbiology Laboratory.

4. Protection of personnel from infections: issuing of instructions, training and vaccinations (hepatitis B, influenza etc.)

5. Supervision, collection and submission of special recording forms for the mandatorily declared diseases to the EODY.

6. Personnel training in matters of prevention of hospital infections: training lessons, supply of Basic Manual 

    for the Prevention of Hospital Infections.

7. Oversight and support of correct patient care practices and issuing of advisory notes.

8. Hygiene monitoring of the premises.

9. Recording of staff compliance in hand hygiene.


 Recent activities of CHI

1. Coping with the pandemic COVID19 business plan.

2. Daily sending of information on COVID19 to all relevant services (EKAB, EODY, 2nd YPE).

3. Update of National Registries for SARS COV 2.


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