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What We Do

The Anaesthesia Department of Asklepieion Hospital of Voula provides anaesthetic services for all surgical,
therapeutic and diagnostic procedures performed in our hospital. It includes almost all surgical specialties,
except paediatric surgery, cardiosurgery and obstetrics – gynaecology.

Our anaesthesiologists mainly work in the operating theatre. They are involved in patients’ preanaesthetic
evaluation and preparation for surgery  and provide anaesthesia, proper monitoring and support of vital
functions during and after operation. Emphasis is given to pain management post surgically using all
evidence based up-to-date methods. Our physicians are also involved in the proper and safe
interdepartmental and external transport of intubated patients as well as anaesthetic support in several
medical interventions performed by other specialties.

Our department performs all modern, safe anaesthesia methods (general, regional, combined), while we have
an extensive experience in the execution of various techniques of peripheral nerve blockades. Our clinical
work counts more than 7000 operations annually, performed in 10 up-to-date operating theatres.
Furthermore, our anaesthesiologists take an active role in the emergency department for the management of
the critically ill patients. The Asklepieion hospital is a trauma center, covering the whole South-East
districts of Attica region, an over a million area of population.

Our department employs currently 14 senior anaesthesiologists, who work in cooperation with specialized
anesthesia nurses. We provide postgraduate specialist training in Anaesthesia for 17 residents.

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