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Clinical Work


According to the department’s statistics for the year 2011:

Total number of operations in our hospital: 7940 (excluding local anaesthesia without anaesthesiological presence).

Due to the nature of the operations performed (our hospital includes six orthopaedic clinics), the majority of anaesthetic methods used are regional 
techniques, in which our department has a long term significant experience. 

Spinal anaesthesias: 

Total: 5236 

General Surgery: 248

Orthopaedics: 4656

Others (mainly urology): 332


Total: 186

General Surgery: 60

Orthopaedics: 42

Others (mainly urology): 84


Peripheral nerve blocks:

Total: 1238

Upper extremity: 804

Lower extremity: 360

Trunk: 74


General anaesthesias: 

Total: 1670

General surgery: 757

Neurosurgery: 350

Urology: 190

Dental Care for patients with special needs: 109

The Pain Clinic managed 250 patients with pain syndromes of benign or malignant origin, using all the appropriate 
pharmaceutical and regional techniques.


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