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The volunteer blood donor

                                      THE VOLUNTEER BLOOD DONOR

  • Age: Between 18 and 60 years
  • Donates blood either as a unit or as a member of a blood donation society
  • Donates 1-4 times a year
  • Has a blood donor card with his name, blood group and donations on it
  • Units from his deposit to first grade relatives
  • Has the right to lab tests once a year

                                                 AFTER BLOOD DONATION

1. Leave the bandage on your hand for at least 4 hours

2. If you bleed, press the venipuncture site for 2-5 minutes and change the bandage

3. Drink the orange juice and eat the snack that is offered to you

4. Have enough drinks for the next 3 days (and especially the next 4 hours) 

5. Avoid lifting weights, exercising, taking part in dangerous sports, working in dangerous jobs or getting
extremely tired during the next 12-24 hours

6. Don't drive and avoid smoking for the next 4 hours

7. If you feel dizzy or fainting, sit or lie down with your head lower than your body until you feel better

8. If you have any reason to doubt about the safety of your blood (so that it can be safely tranfused to
a patient), please call and inform the Blood Bank doctor

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