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Dermatology Department

Welcome to Dermatology Clinic



The dermatology clinic operates since January 2015 at the building 7

Patients are examined after appointment the following days and hours:

Monday 09:00-13:00

Tuesday 09:00-13:00

Wednesday 09:00-13:00

Thursday 09:00-13:00

Phone number for appointments: 14960


Our mission is to provide medical care to patients with cutaneous diseases.

More precisely in the Dermatology Clinic patients are examined for:

-Atopic dermatitis/eczema

-Diseases of seborrheic glands

-Autoimmune diseases

-Pigmentation problems

-Skin vessels' diseases

-Skin infections

-Melanocytes' problems

-Benign and malignant skin tumors

-Other cutaneous diseases in the context of clinical Dermatology


Responsible doctor: Dr Eva Tsele

Responsible doctor: Dr Thomas Fotas

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