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Unit of Intensive Therapy (9 TEP )


                               INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (I.C.U.)

Asklepiion Voulas Gen. Hospital - I.C.U. The Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.) of our Hospital is a twelve bed multidisciplinary unit which admits adult patients of all specialties other than cardiology and cardiosurgery. Due to the higher percentage of orthopedic, trauma and neurosurgical patients admitted to the Hospital in comparison to Internal Medicine and general surgical patients, 40% to 60% of all ICU beds are usually occupied by head trauma, either isolated or contributing to a multiple trauma patient. 

 The mortality rate of head trauma patients is inherently high (~36%) compared to a ~17% of respiratory and int. Med. patients and it "drags" the general mortality rate to between 22 -28 % , depending on year 
after year variations of severity (APACHE) score admittances. Over the years again and again the overall mortality rate has been checked and found similar to or lower than the expected outcome from the 
APACHE III score of the patients. Two doctors - one specialized expert in Intensive Care and a second on his specialty training always cover evening and night shifts. The usual means for treating critically ill 
patients can be hospitalized, are special 4-part beds with left-right rotation and a series of other possible positions, respirators able to provide all modern ventilation modes except HFOV , bedside 
monitors for heart , respiration and EEG phenomena, brain pressure monitors , PICCO, bronchoscopy, 
gastroscopy, colonoscopy at bedside, 3 Renal Replacement Therapy machines, Intracranial Doppler, heart and general Ultrasounds at bedside, multiple IV pumps etc.     

Highly trained nurses at a bed/nurse ratio 3.2:1 keep things in order. A laboratory for sterilisation by et-o /thermal method, 3 blood gases and chemistry analyzers are available around the clock. There is an exclusive storey room full of drugs, catheters and other items that might be needed at any time (e.g. Sunday morning 03.00) Complicated medical and surgical procedures are carried on at the bedside, including bronchoscopy, endoscopy, cardiac, transeosophageal and abdominal and chest ultrasound, ICD, central venous catheterization, open surgical or transdermal tracheostomy, tube chest placement, arterial 
catheterization, endotracheal intubation etc.





                                         Rallis Mihahl

IT Asklepieio Voulas
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