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Urology Clinic (building 13)


Welcome to the Department of Urology in Asklepeion Hospital.

The department was founded in 1985 and is the only one in the southeast region of Athens.

It carries a long tradition in the management of lithiasis and malignancies of the urogenital system.

Our Department has a full residency program and participates in the scientific meetings of the 

Hellenic Urological Association and the Union of Urologists of the Peiraias region.

In a daily basis our personnel support the Emergency Department and the outpatient clinic 

(prostate biopsies, minor interventions in the upper and lower urinary tract, ESWL 

and nephrostomies). Ongoing collaboration with academic institutions resulted in significant 

scientific papers and presentations in International Congresses.



Dimitrios Delakas

Associate Professor of Urology


IT Asklepieio Voulas
Number of Visitors