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Hematology Department ( Building Laboratory )

The scope of the Hematology Department is to provide reliable and high quality services to the patients and the medical staff 
of the hospital. The personnel of the department ensure the quality and reliability of the results, through daily checks and 
periodical quality controls. The Coagulation Department is incorporated in the Hematology Department, where checks for 
thrombophilia are carried out. All the examinations are conducted with automatic analyzers, which are routinely checked by 
the personnel of the manufactures.


Complete blood count (CBC), reticulocytes
Erythrocyte sedimentation
Coagulation control: PT, APTT, Fibrinogen, D-dimmers, 
Coagulation factors: FV – FVII – FVIII
Thrombophilia control: LA, ATIII, ProtC, ProS, APC-R, PAI, plasminogen, 
α2- antiplasmin, Anti-Xa
Hemoglobin electrophoresis HBΑ2, HBA1C
Iron serum, serum ferritin, folic acid, Β12, TIBC
For appointments and information about the tests and the time of completion, you can contact
Secretariat of the outpatient clinic or telephone number 1535.

For setting dates and information about the exams and the results, you can communicate with the secretariat of the Outpatient 
or at 1535.

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